The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

I am trying out my new Ultimate3S kit on same antenna as the breadboard U3 was on. Lets see if anyone can hear it.

Hi guys and girls,

When the light is on in the shack the station is manned.

My Webcam (doesn't work under Internet Exploder)

Anyway, I'm running the following hardware:

OS: Linux Mint Mate 64bit
WSPR: Wspr 4.0 revision 4889
TRX: Kenwoord TS-590S (set as TS-2000 else it fails CAT and VOX for PTT!)
Antenna 80~6m: G5RV about 15 meter up in the trees horizontal
Antenna 160: Homebreb longwire-inverted-V put up to 18 meter, counterpart is a long fence. Matched with 1:4 balun.

QRZ? Listening with dipole at 70 feet. Peaberry SDR v. 2

Hi all WSPRssssssssssss!!! :-)

it's time to share my happiness with all my wspr friends worldwide.
right now I received my callsign, and then I'm former swlnovara, former iz1034swl,
brand new iu1dzz.
it seems sounds good on cw :-)

Love You All


I'm waiting on a couple of base HF rigs and getting my station grounding done, etc... I'll be working with a TS-480SAT and ts-570d, signalink and laptop setup in the garage. I'll run through an LDG tuner to my remote in attic which has separate 15m, 10m, and 6m double bazooka's installed in an inverted vee fashion along the rafters. Can't wait to learn a bit about propagation while i'm working towards general upgrade. I plan on just sticking w 6m and 10m until then. I may try some 2m stuff w my little yagi and ht. Who knows... It'll be fun exploring and learning.

February continues to provide good news on 160m. That night a new entrant W3TIM (registered for 2 days) created the event; heard by 9 stations in Europe, it has lowered its power to 200mw at EU sunrise with a new record distance:

2015-02-17 07:12 W3TIM 1.838107 -25 0 FM18cl 0.2 F59706 JN07th 6260 **new distance record**
2015-02-17 07:12 W3TIM 1.838112 -29 0 FM18cl 0.2 G4BOO IO91ij 5906
2015-02-17 07:12 W3TIM 1.838108 -23 0 FM18cl 0.2 G3YPQ IO70ss 5715

I just returned from holiday, and I just caught up on the many new user account approvals pending since Stu's departure (below) as the person who handled most of that side of the site administration the last several years. So if you have been waiting for your account to be enabled, it should be now. Going forward, I'll try to keep up with this on a regular basis. 73,

I have just uploaded a new version to Google Play at

The main changes since the previous version are :-
Screen keep alive.
Checking of device date and time.
The app now refreshes one band every ten minutes and whispers something like 'Ten meters open to Bravo Lima'.

So every day LA9JO in northern Norway has picked op my signal 2045km away currently on 14.097025. I wonder why I am not getting through now? Have propagation conditions changed or is another signal drowning me out? Any ideas please as I am new to this.




Wired up the GPS receiver and set things in motion for a 10M presence. Its still tuning itself atm, but soon be there.
An excellent kit very well designed BTW.

Wired up the GPS receiver and set things in motion for a 10M presence. Its still tuning itself atm, but soon be there.
An excellent kit very well designed BTW.

I need the CAT codes for my FT-991 so I can use the radio with WSPR.
Surely there must be someone at Yaesu who has this information.

The last Yaesu rig I bought was an FT-817nd which had the CAT codes in the back of its manual.
But the FT-991 manual does not include the CAT codes.

The FT-991 advertising copy talks about digital modes. Not too useful without the CAT codes.
"It is illogical to withhold required information Kirk-unit!" - V'ger probe in STTMP

Hello all over there.

@ Admin

Is it possible to change the X-Axis of the above mentioned scales to a format like
the Y-Axis?
What I mean:

01/year 06/year 01/year+1 06/year+1 01/year+2 06/year+2 01/year+3
and so on.

It would be easier to compare the seasons for their propagation conditions.


I changed to hh:m4 and 14.097025 MHz as this looked like a freer slot for my friend OZ9U in Denmark. This is the worst direction for my antenna at the moment so it will be lucky to get through