The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Last evening I noticed some strong decodes from Australia, VK7BO in particular.
I dropped power to one milliwatt and got two decodes from OZ.

Christian (F5IDM) plans to run wspr tx from Marquesas isl.
All info:

Hope more news like that !!

Patrick, F-59706

Several weeks ago I mentioned here that the SourceForge repository has been causing problems for WSJT, WSPR, and MAP65. I have now moved WSJT and WSPR back to the repository at Berlios, which has been very reliable.

For anonymous checkout of the WSPR code, use the command

svn co svn://

The final revision number at SourceForge was 2514. However, the Berlios revision numbers will pick up where they left off some months ago, at r2460. Despite the missing numbers in between, the code at Berlios is fully up-to-date.


If you spot XV4Y on 30 meters during the next days the signal is generated by an independent (not computer connected) 100mW beacon.
The transmitter is a QRP Labs (G0UPL/G0XAR QRSS MEPT) modified to be keyed by a MSP430 micro-controller.
It is decoding 99% locally with some sequences being drop because of frequency drift since I have to keep the beacon box open for the prototyping...

I Started wspr and let it run for almost 24 hours. I looked in the database and only found reports from my station and not from others stations hearing me. I dont know if was the OS or the software or the rig (IC-746) but audio wont get in to the rig. Next time I'll try with linux to see results. Anyway RX reports where fine!!. Next time mates Down Under will hear me ;)

73 and have fun

this is my first blog as a member of wspr - a wonderfull media to learn the all about shortwaves.

There has been an impressive number of -8- spots from down under for one transmission on 20m this morning:

Hello Folks, I have been "On the Air" since April 1953 with QRP. This media is new for me and I hope to be able to take part of it soon.
Best wishes to you all.
"CBC of Sweden" - Einar

Special call for Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee. 5 May to 10 June 2012.

QRP QSO on 6 NJ to FL today!

Recently the command:

svn co

errors out before downloading all the usual files,
including "configure"

Some weeks ago I was lucky enough to get a spot from Israel for a 1mW WSPR signal. From that day I watched my WSPR reports from the United States more carefully than before. I hoped to cross the Atlantic Ocean with 1mW one day - WSPRing.
But on 2011-04-02 my 1mW WSPR sig on 20m has been spotted by Leigh, VK2KRR, in NSW.
In the local afternoon I had noticed that my 5W signal got rising SNR reports from VK2KRR. For his 10W signal he got reports from my side far above 0 dB. So I decided to reduce power to a level of 0.005W (7dBm). There were reports from down under even for this qrpp. So from 16.58 UTC I tried some 1mW runs. For my transmission at 17.10 UTC I received the following spot:

2011-04-02 17:10 DF6MK 14.097027 -32 0 JN68ik 0.001 VK2KRR QF34mr 16029 86

Some spots from that afternoon:
2011-04-02 15:32 DF6MK 14.097043 +1 0 JN68ik 5 VK2KRR QF34mr 16029 86
2011-04-02 15:50 DF6MK 14.097030 -30 0 JN68ik 0.005 VK2KRR QF34mr 16029 86
2011-04-02 16:20 DF6MK 14.097028 -25 0 JN68ik 0.005 VK2KRR QF34mr 16029 86
2011-04-02 16:40 DF6MK 14.097027 -30 0 JN68ik 0.005 VK2KRR QF34mr 16029 86
2011-04-02 16:48 DF6MK 14.097027 -22 0 JN68ik 0.005 VK2KRR QF34mr 16029 86
2011-04-02 16:52 DF6MK 14.097027 -24 0 JN68ik 0.005 VK2KRR QF34mr 16029 86
2011-04-02 17:10 DF6MK 14.097027 -32 0 JN68ik 0.001 VK2KRR QF34mr 16029 86
2011-04-02 17:32 DF6MK 14.097027 -8 0 JN68ik 1 VK2KRR QF34mr 16029 86

I was so enthusiastic, that I wrote some rubbish in the chatroom. I thought that it could have been longpath. But of course not in the afternoon. ;-))

By the way - my antenna is a horizontal wire loop 84m circumference, 11m above ground level, fed at the western corner. It does a great job on 40m and 20m WSPR dx.

Thanks, Leigh, VK2KRR, for that special spot and congrats to your big ears. (I saw your new antenna on your homepage)

Werner, DF6MK

My first day using this fantastic piece of software, perfect when you spend a lot of time homebrewing antennas you want to test, had good results way up north within the artic circle, accross western europe and all the way down to VK sotted by the mysterious VKFRG? who are you? as I would love to know what working conditions were used to spot my tiny signal all the way from the deep Tyne valley in Northumberland UK, please get in touch details on QRZ.

Repositioned doublet so it's a plain inverted V, as opposed to having a V in the horizontal plane as well. Oriented roughly North/South.
Transmit power is <1W from barefoot Softrock.

Hayo, DG9BEW, has created a WEB Page to view or compare WSPR Stations with a graphical
interface. The Data Source is the WSPRnet Database which is imported once a night.
The GUI is still BETA but working fine. Please give it a try under:

73, Jochen df1vb / kh2mm

OK, since no one responded to the forum post, will have to put it here.

There are severe issues of interference from near by users of WSPR from JT65 users and vice versa on the 160m band. Not sure about any other bands? Ive not experienced it on others if it does happen.

I know we have reported problems from USA and Australia regarding this issue. With stations on either mode having their receptions ruined due to the alternating transmissions being to close together and putting up QRM across each others frequencies.


I have been meaning to get in here for some time now, and finally took the plunge.
Installed the program yesterday, and listened for a while on 20m, heard several beacons.

I may not be back in here as often as I'd like to, but this was a good first step.
Thanks Joe for helping create an exciting future, and everyone else for participating.

73 for now /;^)

Running 24/7 WSPR beacons receiver on 40m with minimalistic setup: SoftRock Lite 6.2 RX, PA0RDT mini-whip antenna and WSPR 2.11.
It works fine!

Well after trying the FT-817 and getting nowhere with it I opted to try out my FT450AT and have it partially working.. Sadly TX'ing seems to be missing right now but maybe useful for reports to others :)

woke up early this morning, set up WSPR on 30m and - after a single TX period received 26 reports:

Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140192 -17 0 IL18rj 5 LA6TPA JP54rl 4470 18
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140148 -23 0 IL18rj 5 K0VM EN42db 6776 305
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140205 -16 0 IL18rj 5 K0VM EN42db 6776 305
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140212 -17 0 IL18rj 5 K7LG DM04se 9261 305
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140216 -7 0 IL18rj 5 WA8KNE EM90
6162 289
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140196 0 0 IL18rj 5 DK6UG JN49cm 3149 35
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140205 -15 0 IL18rj 5 KC8JNV EN11xe 7149 305
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140192 -1 0 IL18rj 5 W2VID FN31ex 5300 302
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140213 -6 0 IL18rj 5 W5OLF DM78hb 8018 304
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140198 -6 0 IL18rj 5 K4DD EM74xh 6327 294
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140198 -17 0 IL18rj 5 DL1GMG JN48eg 3073 37
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140199 -16 0 IL18rj 5 VK2DDI QF55hf 18610 124
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140197 -6 0 IL18rj 5 KC9NBV EM69oe 6442 301
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140198 -30 0 IL18rj 5 NH7SR BL11ch 13098 319
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140195 -10 0 IL18rj 5 VE6PDQ/1 DO33fl 7943 321
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140199 -20 0 IL18rj 5 G4ENZ IO81vv 2871 21
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140233 -24 0 IL18rj 5 NO6W CM98
9219 310
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140197 -16 0 IL18rj 5 W3GXT FM19ol 5589 299
2012-03-31 05:22 EA8OM 10.140182 -16 -1 IL18rj 5 VK4TMH QG56fj 18612 71