The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

2015-01-26 20:50 VE3TKB 14.097167 -26 0 EN92ix 0.2 ZL1RS RF64vs 13696 251

God I love this mode :)

Will be monitoring this band tonight and see what the ALA1530+ hears.

Finally got my U3 working and tried it on 30m today. Very impressed with

2015-01-25 08:24 G0MGM 10.140151 -24 -1 IO91po 0.2 VK2DDI QF55hf 17064 62
2015-01-25 08:32 G0MGM 10.140151 -28 -1 IO91po 0.2 VK2DDI QF55hf 17064 62
2015-01-25 08:16 G0MGM 10.140150 -26 -1 IO91po 0.2 VK2DDI QF55hf 17064 62
2015-01-25 08:08 G0MGM 10.140151 -27 -1 IO91po 0.2 VK2DDI QF55hf 17064 62

0.2w on an HF6V vertical.

Looking forward to making the other band filters.


For those of you intrerested. My 40 meter test of teh ATX Walkabout is complete. I posted my results on my own blog at and also on my YouTube channel

2015-01-24 18:08 VE3TKB 14.097196 -22 2 EN92ix 1 VK6XT OF86td 18086 295

Here is what I use on WSPR 6-80 Meters.

16 foot telescopic antenna mounted to a MFJ-1622 Balcony mounted base/coil (Bug Catcher)
Multi length counterpoise wires running on balcony and inside the baseboard of my shack
MFJ Artifical Ground
AEA AT-300 Antenna tuner
Kenwood TS-130S using 5 watts or less.

SDR-RTL/DX-394 Receiver for MF/LW/LF WSPR Receive only mode.

Future gear will be a Raspberry PI TX and SDR/HF RX combo.

Hi Mark. Your QTH-Locator in your WSPR-Software is rong.
73 DC4LC

This morning my little baby has performed an very hard spots with New Zealand(ZL1RS) on 20 meter band with this configuration:
Raspberry A+ - seven elements low pass filter- 200mW driver - 120 ft RG213 - Vertical multiband Antenna.

I am receiving stations quite well with the antenna, but not enough RF going into it. Only 10w at present, until I box my 100w amp. Yes, I know it being boxed for a long time now, but .....
I hope to also lift the antenna up a bit more in due course when I can afford a longer pole.
Just picking up these stations right now

Nice to HEAR K1JT on 30!!

This morning, I waded into my back garden bog and attached an earth wire to the antenna. Not having wellies, I wrapped a pair of black bags around my feet to keep the mud off my shoes. I am tx'ing on 475.15Khz

Anyone else spotting this station on 30m, notice he is listed as a Technician? I'm thinking of sending him a postcard, but the map puts his grid in western Massachusetts - not eastern New York.

Things that make me go, "hmm...".

I am once again back on wspr with the same antenna as last time. Its not very high up as yet, but dont have a long enough piece of coax to do so. Not srious as it has worked well from this position.

Timestamp Call MHz SNR Drift Grid Pwr Reporter RGrid km az
2015-01-17 16:04 KA9CQL 14.097116 -24 0 DM14hl 5 VK7AM QE36ov 12936 234
2015-01-17 13:38 KA9CQL 10.140198 -25 0 DM14 5 KB2SVD FN20nh 3745 67

Hi all, my Ultimate 3 WSPR transmitter is finaly finish and setup. I added a voltage regulator to the kit so I can now power the TX from any power supply AC or DC from 8 Volts to 15 Volts. And have upgraded the SMK52 GPS reciever to a SMK61.
The TX has been on test for over 24 hours and seems to be working very well.

The attached screenshot says it all.