The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

A ham neighbor of Erin's and mine passed away; I knew him slightly, having delivered some NTS traffic to him. His (former) house is currently being gutted by renovators, and his old 11-meter antenna ended up on the street for bulk trash pickup. Of course, I couldn't let an antenna go to the landfill without trying to save it first. The radiating element is a quarter-wave fiberglass whip sized for the center of the US CB band. It has three radials and came with about 25 feet of RG-8 cable.

Having always troubles with long wires, I decided to test a magnetic loop. Therefor I soldered a square 128cmx128cm, with 12mm copper pipes, organized a variable capacitor via ebay and but this construction on the kitchen table.
It is amazing - I got a spot from WB2EEE over a distance of > 6000 km, -28 dB, for my 10 watts, inside the building at the 1st floor.
Test showed me, that I can use it on 30m and 20m too. Let's see what will happen later this night on 40m. Tomorrow at daytime I will test on 30m and 20m with the antenna at the balcony.

We're starting to see a few short Es openings here in Europe, so I'm proposing to start running WSPR on 50MHz in the next few days. Would be great to see plenty of people on 50Mhz WSPR too.

See you on 50.293?

73, Tim

VI100ACT special stn CQ on 24.2225 in Olivia 8/125. Will be QRV till 1000 UTC today (6 MAR 2013)

Unfortunately this callsign is unsuitable for WSPR, being mutilated when transmitting. I will therefore no longer use it in this mode. I will endeavour to come up in Olivia or ROS for weak signal QSOs. Will update the blog whenever I start.

Some info on the Rx audio output in combination with the Yaesu FT 857, I had to turn the RX complete open for RX nose +/- 0 db.
Yesterday I upgraded the WSPR software from 2.00 to 2.11 and got it fixed. The RX is now half open and the signal is 2/4 db, great!!

This is a special callsign commemorating 100 years of Canberra/ I will be using this call until March 9 2013 on 12m digital modes, WSPR included. QSLs and SWL reports via the buro. A special QSL card is yet to be printed.

experience in wspr with yaesu ft817nd-antenna:dble conrad windom 3 combinated attenuator 3 - 6 - 9 dB

Got my USB SignaLink by post today and had it running in 30 minutes. (just two cables, and jumper settings). First to check the audio levels i used Digipan, then i went to WSPR.

My condition is 5 Watts on a indoor dipole. The Rig is a FT 897. After some 20 minutes i got a report from VU2LID..nice :-))

In the next days i will be testing on 20, 10, 6 and 2 m

Im always in for QSL, via bureau

73 Roy PA9R

2013-03-02 07:56 DD5CF 14.097126 -20 -1 JO30nq 0.01 LA9JO JP99gb 2132 12

2013-03-02 08:26 DD5CF 14.097047 -16 -1 JO30nq 0.01 OH5CW KP30gt 1645 39

2013-03-02 08:34 DD5CF 14.097047 -8 -1 JO30nq 0.01 OH5CW KP30gt 1645 39

2013-03-02 08:44 DD5CF 14.097045 -10 -1 JO30nq 0.01 OH5CW KP30gt 1645 39

2013-03-02 08:44 DD5CF 14.096962 -8 0 JO30nq 0.01 LA5ZL JO28uu 913 355

I was amazed yesterday, had left the WSPR tranny running all day, did a check about midday and saw I was only getting spotted by a few stations all in a straight line out towards Finland and at a 1000 miles, later I noticed that the Patch lead that feeds the WSPR Tranny was not plugged into the ATU, I had changed Trannys the day before. That cannot be too bad transmitting off a 40 cm patch lead a 1000 miles, though I guess the signals was being inducted into the Co-ax screen of the other Antenna leads in the shack.

There is a spirited discussion on the Softrocks forum concerning the legality of WSPR transmissions under FCC rules. In this discussion one person has complained about "high power, continuous WSPR transmissions", especially on 40 meters. Out of curiosity I took a look at recent database postings and it does seem that there is a great deal more power being used than is necessary in some cases.

There is one guy running 1000 watts! 7 running 50, 9 running 20.... etc. There is simply no need for such power levels on HF WSPR.

some info about my radio systems ...
Radio 1: ts 570 kenwood 5 w. power is more 'low fd4 windom antenna placed east-west
Radio 2: kenwood ts 2000 5 w, fd4 modified (double length) arranged north to south.
I saw with pleasure that I have heard in VK and HC.
continue with the test. good radio to all

I set up the website today where you can see what my WSPR station is heard. Now, overnight, it's 80m band is active. The image up dated two minutes periods. Will test the system the next 24 hours and see if it works properly. Here is the web address if you want to look into:

73 Heikki/oh8gkp

Running my WSPR-station with the following toys:

The rig:
FLEX-1500 doing about 1 w. A Great little rig for digimodes.
Dipole for 30 meters, placed under roof of my house (5 meters above ground)

I used last night Flex 1K5 / VAC/ WSPR-15 and my 80m's 1/4 wavelength GP to 160m Any thing works very well, but small negative sign for the 160m swr is 1.2:1 so I get no more than 4W out. I was surprised to wspr-15 works so well. I have long been waiting for something new to wspr software, and now it has happened. Now they have as well as more control over the software than previous versions and you can see better what happens when you make adjustments to the rx thanks for the new waterfalls, however, programs spirits of new features as well! Now it's fun to use wspr again!

Enjoying wspr, colin m1eak - thanks for the headsup and help !

2013-01-25 22:22 ON4EZ 3.594064 -8 0 JO21bd +0 0.001 F5OIH JN06ci 605 376
2013-01-31 15:10 AC4CX 14.097014 -25 0 EL98iq +3 0.002 F5OIH JN06ci 7127 4429
2013-02-06 06:58 WB2WDC 10.140202 -22 0 FN13fc +3 0.002 F5OIH JN06ci 5897 3664
2013-01-05 09:32 KB6BZZ 7.040094 -19 0 DM14jl +7 0.005 F5OIH JN06ci 9063 5631
2013-01-09 22:52 G3ZJO 0.475695 -29 1 IO92ng +7 0.005 F5OIH JN06ci 663 412

I use Glenn's, KI6GD's, excellent "Magnetic Loop Calculator" (I have v1.4, 2009) to help in the design and experimentation with small loops. For 20m, here are the numbers (the program works with either Imperial or Metric units and various materials and shapes (copper, aluminum and shapes round, square and octagon) all which will affect the final product. Note: According to my ARRL Handbook, Belden RG-213 has a rated breakdown voltage of 3.7kV (RMS) and at the 50 watts operating power level the capacitor voltage is 3.3kV.

A few years ago, I wrote a couple of articles on modifying and using WA8LMF's 30m magnetic loop design. I've re-edited and put them on my website. If anyone is interested, you can download the ZIP file from here: