The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Astounding tonight - transmitting just 100mW from my K3 on 20M to a Butternut HF6V-X I have been heard at -29 in VK and received 10W signal at -19.
Who needs QRO people????

Tonight I tried out a bit of WSPRing on 20m with 1 watt.

I was receiving stations well, but no stations received my signal... Could this be due to my meagre 65foot endfed horizontal antenna......?

I've been wondering, has anybody had any success using 1 watt to a vertical cb antenna.?

I'm thinking of putting one of these verticals up in the near future....



Hello all,
A couple days ago, Bob, M6KLO, had me look at his activity from across the world using WSPR on By the next day I was signed up, sending out a 5W signal and spending much to much time in front of the computer monitor. This is a great opportunity for this old "techno-junky" to dust off some spare gear and provide a weak signal for tracking. Much appreciation to those who make it all work. Let me know if there is a particular band you might want a 24/7 source from. Jim WF7W

I have established a Google+ WSPR circle.
If you are interested and have a Google+ account email me at FlameBait at gmail dot com.
If you do not have a Google+ account or a gmail account email me at the same address and I will hook you up while I still have invites.

I've been WSPRing from Grand Teton National Park and will be WSPRing from Yellowstone for the next two days. I'm using a homebrew portable vertical built out of a shower curtain rod attached to a golf ball retriever ($5 at KMart) with a short copper whip at the top (~6.5m total). My radials are 4 25-foot measuring tapes ($3 at Home Depot). I have a 30 watt solar panel charging a small 7AH lead acid battery. My radio is a FT-817ND runnning 1 or 2 watts (depending on the sunshine). My computer is an Acer netbook running Ubuntu. I have a simple homebrew audio interface.

G'Day, Sunday Morning in VK3 and the Wx is dry but a little cloudy and about 13 Deg C. in Wattle Glen. Hope to hear a station or two over the next 24 Hrs. TS680S running about 5W into the OCF Wire Antenna :-)
Philip - VK3JNI

I have been involved with many kinds of radio receivers for over fifty years — amateur, military, and commercial. My modified SDR-IQ is a dream come true. When I was a young ham, I dreamed of the day when I might own a receiver that would read out to one kilocycle (before we used the term Hertz). Now I have assembled one that reads out to one Hertz and is stable to within ± 70 µHertz — and thanks to GPS — it will maintain this stability as long as the GPS satellites keep working.

i only heard about this site on Friday and was very interested, so i thought i would try it out. being new to this it is interesting and can keep me going for a long time as i am in very poor health and spend most of my time either on my computer or the radio.

Station is currently running the TS-680S at about 25W (Opps), now 5W into a OCF wire antenna. Modem is a SignaLink USB. Still getting the hang of it. - Philip

Hello to all on WSPR! I've been on less than 24 hours and find WSPR fascinating. I have 305 countries confirmed and am looking at ways to improve that number. Maybe WSPR will give me some clues if the bands improve over what they are today. Running only 100 watts is a handicap but I have gotten this far so who knows!
Ken, WS4V

Currently 20W to 9ele horizontal beaming SE.
Reports welcomed.

Currently my FT-817ND is transmitting on 20 metres, powered by a lead-acid battery which in turn is buffered by a small solar panel. The transmitted signal is picked up by the microphone, using the vox to toggle RX/TX. Antenna is the 4 band groundplane GPA404. Best DX so far:
2011-07-11T20:32 PA0PJE  14.097093 -17 0 JO22lj 5W 4X1RF KM72ls 3244km  az:120 

and now even better...:-)
2011-07-11T20:52 PA0PJE 14.097107 -26 0 JO22lj 5W CX2ABP GF15wc 11364km az:227

73, Peter

Last fall I was quite active with WSPR on 30m, usually at 30dbm. I was astounded at the results. For a variety of reasons I was QRT until just recently. I am now up and running again with the same setup and antenna. I am again astounded... this time at the complete lack of incoming and outgoing spots here. I also note the number of active stations has dwindled. To be expected as the new wears off, I suppose. Has the propagation been that bad? I can hear WWV OK... I do note that Joe, K1JT has been on lately at 43dbm, and even at that power level isn't exactly setting the ether on fire.

Have a WSPR beacon kit project posted on Ebay (search in Ebay with "QRP WSPR" term). Would like to use this blog to answer questions about this kit that anyone may have and encourage others to experiment with simple WSPR transmitters with no computer required. Great for portable expermental work. Any comments welcome, Jay, W5OLF

Last Thursday I was able to make a WSPR contact with Colin G6AVK way over in JO01.

Really pleased with that one as it was on the 2 metre band.

My antenna for that contact was a 5 element HORIZONTAL Jaybeam using 5 watts.

Tonight I'm going to be QRV on 2m WSPR, but this time I'll put the antenna on the VERTICAL, just to see if it makes a difference.....

Fingers crossed, maybe we will meet up tonight.... :0)

I'll be on from 8.00pm to 10.00pm


Mark MW0MJB..

Retired NAVOCEAN. Interest: sailing, naval history, ham radio.
Stealth antenna is mag loop. Chief project is getting 5 watts from a FT 817ND to make some good contacts.
Out of HF for over 25 years.

Hello everyone,
I´m really surprised on these good working conditions on the 80 m band in the last days. For the first time, I was heard on the US-Eastcoast. The OM WF2O spotted me on July 15th in the night (UTC). Previous to this I was only spotted from European or mid east stations.
This is why, I m very happy of this long distance spot. Also because of my provisional longwire antenna in the inner city of Frankfurt on the river Main between big houses and skyskrapers.
Thanks a lot WF2O.


Well, I've been WSPRing for about six hours far, my farthest report has been So. Australia. I'm getting ready to get packed up for the night, but might leave my computer hooked up and in Idle mode just to see what comes across through the night.

Anyway, if you read this, drop me a note at kd7yzd[at]arrl{dot}net. This blog may or may not survive, but I'm going to see if this can be a more personal beacon through WSPR.


Here is the screen received 2day june30 meanwhile nothing from usa even have a qso even have a qso with W1JJ a few minutes before.

1218 -26 0.8 50.294534 0 M1DUD JO02 30
1222 8 -0.4 50.294463 1 EA4ETR IN80 40
1232 -15 0.3 50.294470 -1 IW1PAK JN33 37
1234 -19 -0.4 50.294513 -2 KP4ED FK68 37