The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

New antenna on my location, it's an active loop from LZ1AQ.
Very impressive antenna with nice S/N on HF low band.
Antenne is made by two crosses loop .
I compared with my hf6v vertical on 10m and i have 1 smeter point less with the active loop on a ZS station !!!

73 ced F4EGZ

Hello friends! Did tests today in 10 and 15 meters and the spread is still not good. At the moment I make this post, my beacon is active in 20 meters. 73

Glad to see some activity on ten. Using a mobile whip here about a meter and a half long.

73 vk1sv

Welcome to W6SZ, W6IEE and N3IZN in Southern California!
Our group station info is posted in the table at
The spots between N6KOG and N3IZN (624 km) now hold the DX record among our group!
Thanks for activating Southern California in the California study group!


I often wish that more stations would indicate
what kind of frequency stability they are using
as I see my portable station being reported over
a wide range now on 20m--from 2 to 197 in a 200kHz

I have compiled a list of some stations with either
OCXO's or better and it is a short list:
W3CSW, K3GEN, K9AN and K5XL. I am pretty sure there
are others and I wish there was a way to note this.

Only downloaded and installed the WSPR program this last sunday and in no time was up and running being spotted and hearing stations a plenty, subsequently spent two days tearing my hair out as although i could receive and the TX was working i failed to show up anywhere, in the early hours this morning i finally realised the DTR/RTS setting on my microham keyer had changed......

Amazing what i can hear and who can hear me, its a shame there are not so many people active on this mode from what i can see !

full north.

I stop for now... go to work.
See you later.

I see station active on Germany.
Turn antenna to 40° and increase power.

running for 1 hour.

I will try to run but it seem that my wspr crash .. (compiled from svn on debian 64bits)


EDIT : again on run... see my call on activity to be sure ;-)

I would like to see american stations to run over atlantic. If someone interested : f8arr at f8arr dot org


I'm running 20 watts from IN94QS in 90° (full East) direction.
This is a 2m band activation ;-)

antenna : 4x8

73 QRO

This weekend WSPR-ing in a portable mode.
Running up to 20 Watts in a fishing pole antenna approx. 12 meters long feeded by a FT-879.
Location is JO22PI, a little town called Vessem in the South East part of Holland.
Just enjoying the beautiful weather on the Camping Site and having the laptop, smart phone, psu, ATU and TRX do the work.

73 de Theo, PA3GHJ

Spurred on by VK2UB's page (cheers Gordon!) I finally got round to initializing my own here:
A great idea which could be incorporated into the Wspr program/site as an option?

If it isn't updating I am either off air, or it crashed.

If there is nothing to see, well that's 4m Wspr for you.


Here's several hours of receiving WSPR on 17m yesterday compressed into a few minutes:

(Caution: it's nearly 30 MBytes)


Getting fustrated now, as I dont seem to be able to hear anyone.

I appear to be getting out ok, but cannot receive although the activity is saying the band is busy ?

Help !!

Using a Yaesu FT 950

A short visit to Kauai lets me activate a new grid on WSPR.
I have a IC 706MKIIG and a Zepp for 20m.
If I can make winxp behave, I hope some of you will hear me.
My wire antenna is thrown up in mango trees but it is working now.
Best, John K6PZB

Hi to all WSPRers,

Yesterday 06/09/12 at mid-day during my lunchbreak I setup my WSPR gear for the 30m band:

Ultimate QRSS kit 150mW.

Homemade G4ILO (Julian) Wonderloop which has a diameter of just 80cm (made from RG213 coax) on a camera tripod, the loop is about 1,5 above ground.

The QRSS kit is attached to one leg with a bungie cord, the coax going to the loop is about 30cm long.

From 12:00 to 13:00 UTC I had 20 spots, the shortest from LA3JJ a distance of 69 kms, SNR -19, the longest F1VMV a distance of 1760 kms, SNR -6.

I just bought a ham gadget digital read out for my KWM-2 which for those not in the know is a 1958 Collins Radio tranceiver. This radio is noted for its stable master oscillator so if I can get it on frequency I believe it will run WSPR.

World Wide 2 meter WSPR daily spot report activity has increased 100-fold since this study commenced in June 2012.

I upload an image of my WSPR window (from Ubuntu Linux) every 15 minutes. You can find it >here<.