The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Heard by VK6XT, basically my antipode. Can't get any further away than that. I have maximized the distance.

Next step is to reduce from 100 mW to 50 mW and see what happens.

2015-07-15 07:40 WD4ELG 14.097081 -22 -1 FM06be 0.1 VK6XT OF86td 18403 274

2015-07-14 06:12 WD4ELG 14.097092 -24 -1 FM06be 0.1 VK7BO QE38mo 15958 247

TS480SAT, 100 mW, SignaLink. But I must confess that I am using a Hex Beam at 40 feet. That's a definite advantage over a wire antenna.

This time on 20 meters, not 10 meters.

Last few days I was listening to 160 m overnight. With great surprise the first spot of my new 160m RX Challenge season came very early compared to 2014 (Aug08) and 2013 (aug24). The goal is to spot (Rx) the greatest number of UNIQUE CALLSIGN of North American station (W and VE). The previous season I had reached the number of 36 unique callsign.
This night, I heard Tom several times:
first,2015-07-13 02:52 KJ4YBS 1.838101 -26 0 FM28bh 5 F59706 JN07th 6137 54
last, 2015-07-13 03:54 KJ4YBS 1.838102 -26 0 FM28bh 5 F59706 JN07th 6137 54

Listening all your whispers for the first time today!
Fantastic experience with a return via the ipad app.

Using here in Belgium a small GP portable PAC-12 with an IC703. The antenna is at ground level and has a length of about 4 meters with a central coil that needs to be adjusted with a clip to the appropriate band.
No transmission yet.

Very surprised to capture JA and K stations tonight on 20m.

By Anthony F4GOH and Christophe F4GOJ.


Hardware list :
  • VHF Beacon and APRS Tracker
  • HF Arduino Vna.
  • HF multimode beacon v1.
  • WSPR message Encoder.




I know that most people have had Joe pop up on their WSPR or WSJT-X screen...this is the first time for me!

Only been doing this about 2 years!


Mark (MW1MDH)

With the success of the Raspberry PI transmitting at a fraction of a watt through my 30/20/10 maypole dipole, I've hooked my new FT-450d up to my laptop via a Signalink, and am now running WSPR 2.x on Windows on a 20% transmit cycle.

With the multiple factor increase in transmit power, I expect to be heard by more stations, and so far that's holding true. Stations in Netherlands and Germany picked up my recent packets. I'm going to leave it running overnight and see what happens.

Moving up from a single 20m flattop dipole antenna, I thought I'd try out a 3 band maypole-style antenna setup in the attic, based on this design:

This is a 30/20/10, with the 30m wire lined N-S flat, 20m lined NE-SW inverted, and the 10m lined E-W inverted.

Already showing some additional resonance and locations, with stations hearing me on 15 meters for some reason, and a station in Orlando picking me up overnight.

mageia 5 - attempt make wsprx
cmake ..
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but this file does not exist. Possible reasons include:

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I have just uploaded an updated version to Google Play.


In this version I have re-engineered the download code to improve stability and memory management.

The enhanced features are :-

Wanted to record my experiments.

Since upgrading to my general ticket, I've set up a 20m center-fed flat-top dipole in my attic, about 30ft above ground, with a 1:1 ugly balun.

But I had no radio to try it out with.

So after reading up, I set up my raspberry pi model B with a LPF connected to GPIO 4, feeding 50ohm coax up to my attic. The pi is powered through my Alinco 30amp power supply's 12v/5a output, using a step-down converter to bring it to 5v.

Had some interesting WSPR reports on 15m with Hisa, 7L4IOU, on 15m this morning.

After checking VOACAP and doing some research, I think these were long path reports. This would be a record WSPR distance for me at 30073km. Next highest is VK6XT on 20m at 22509km.

2015-06-19 14:44 7L4IOU 21.096056 -9 0 PM95wr 2 KB9AMG EN52tx 9991 33

2015-06-19 14:48 KB9AMG 21.096043 -26 0 EN52tx 5 7L4IOU PM95wr 9991 323

2015-06-19 15:04 7L4IOU 21.096057 -23 0 PM95wr 2 KB9AMG EN52tx 9991 33

Looking for some JA stations to Sked WSPR on 6 meters this weekend. I know several have exchanged decodes with VK stations, time for NA... Heck I'm feeling greedy, even 2 meters maybe. I've exchanged decodes with VK and ZL on 50 Mhz WSPR. I have 50 Mhz RX on 24 X 7 usally pointing to VK, but will turn my beam by request. Right now I'm pointed at HI for this duct that is open.


2 meter WSPR spots span the 4061 km between N3IZN in California and KH6IMB in Hawaii today
Read the discussion on!topic/2-meter-wspr/4WaqFZTfYoQ

Well after spending several hours in the shack with the kenwood manual on my lap, I finally have wspr working. I can,t see myself on the map despite the grid being correct but we will figure that out in due course.

I enjoy making antennas, so I am looking forward to see where the reports come from. Today I am using a 17M band homebrew delta loop.

to all