The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Now were finally settled in our new home following a move of QTH, I've started retesting and experimenting with both small active loops, and Crossed Field Loops. Most of the experimental aerials are between 0.5 and 1.0 meters in diameter. So testing on 160 meters is interesting.
73 Paul G4HDS

Alan M6NNB wrote very nice software for Hermes lite

Now I can decode WSPR on the same time on 2-3 bands!
and TX ing with 100 mW on my Hermes-Lite
Some my result in screenshot - in 1 TX 20m 100mW

At present am doing some part time experiments with various antenna's.
20-10m Cobweb of dipoles @ 13m.
40/30m corner fed delta loop @ 10m
80m inv Vee Dipole @ 15m.
No 160 at present but later in year will be a 22m vertical.

My friend kindly winded a coil for 600m.
It is working fine with dummy load.

I would get license for 600m in Y2016.

JG1eiQ / Toru

Using a Flex 1500, PowerSDR and a 10m ProWhip multi-band GP vertical.
My antenna is situated approx 6m asl and around 50-55m from the sea itself.

Currently utilising WSPR-X and am very keen to learn about and use WSPR-15 a bit more so watch this space!

antenna(e) 80m 10m agl OCFD on 80m 30m 17m 12m 6m

Diamond 4 band vertical 15m agl 40m 20m 15m 10m

power 30dBm ELAD FDM DUO

Software wsjtX v 1.6.0-devel r5631 on Windows 7 pro

Schedule random unless requested

Set up my KX3 using Signalink interface to PC running W7.
Band conditions are really poor on 20 Meters buy I am getting reports in CONUS.
This is very interesting and i am sure to enjoy it more as time goes on.

I am able to control transmission but I can not change frequencies from the software.


Im an looking for a Station to test with me the 6 meter Band.
My Antenna is a two Element Yagi on 15 meter hight.
I am a farmer in Namibia 180 km South East of Windhoek.
Look for QRZ Com to find me.

73 from Namibia

Hi Mark, copied you on 4m early this morning.

150826 0430 4 -25 1.7 70.092490 <...> JO01MG 37 -2 380 0
150826 0530 7 -22 2.0 70.092490 <...> JO01MG 37 -1 2002 0

Unfortunately, I did not decode your callsign sequence, so did it not appear on WSPRnet.
One of the disadvantages of the force locator grid mode.
I usually see your Tx all the time, but no decodes due to aircraft reflections etc.


Let's try here, forum has not worked.
Doug K4LY emailed me
> My problem is this, I've tried to create on WSPRnet many times and have
> not heard back from them via email with my password IF one has been
> assigned?

I’m trying to change my TRX (TS-680V to TS-870S) mostly for 160m band QRO.
Ref osc of TS-870S is normal type, so my WSPR reading frequency is not correct now.
But I’ll modify it to GPS lock within 2 or 3days. Please wait a little.



On 21-Aug-2015 Dave VE3KCL launched a balloon (in fact two hydrogen-filled foil "party" balloons tied together) carrying a 35g payload. The balloon is currently traveling North East a very nice speed! It is cruising at around 8,300m.

The electronics payload Dave built has a GPS, battery, solar panels, QRP Labs Si5351A Synthesiser module, and Arduino Nano (for low weight) that runs the QRP Labs Ultimate3S QRSS/WSPR transmitter firmware, but a slightly modified version.

I start WSPR beacon on 2200m today.
So far, myself is only station who get my signal.

I would improve location and ANT.
Pls try to get my signal.

Toru / JG1eiQ

Hi dear whisperer,
wspr has become my favourite digital mode. It`s absolutely fazinating. A few weeks ago I installed a Cushcraft R6000 to increase my wspr results. This antenna works very fine, it`s optimal for wspr. Nearly every day I`m heard or I hear stations from all continents. It`s a pitty that there are so much white spaces on the map but I`m sure that the number of whisperes will increase more and more ...

Hope to see you on my screen

Vy73, Henning from Wedemark