The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Not connected to internet where my rig is. Just decoded KC6KGE at 0752 UTC
db= -26, dT -1.3, Drift 0, Loc DM05 my Loc QE36.
73 de VK7HW

August sometime - to be confirmed. 2009 : Pencarrow at the mouth of Wellington Harbour - good fun was had, with a fullwave 160m dipole from the upper lighthouse all the way to sea level (the bottom end was IN the surf at high tide!) but the digital modes didn't get a chance due to interference caused.

This afternoon's transmissions at 14.097022 are going out at
one half milliwatt or 500 microwatts.

I set transmit power to 1 watt on my Bendix 263 and 30 db
attenuation on my R-9000. I then switched out the attenuators
and dropped audio gain to compensate. Finally I dropped audio
further, another 3 db or so.

Despite some cleaning i need to do, today i can settle down to run whisper for the whole day.
So, 10Mhz has been settled on.
I am using M3DXR (my other call) as i use that for QRP work and have set the TX at 500mW.
I am using the Kenwood TS480 with the MFJ962D connected to 20 metres of 450 ohm line with approx 40 metres of wire in a horizontal loop around the garden and bungalow.
So where will i get to and whom will i hear?
WX here is damp, not to cold and overcast. Wind very light to still.
73 and 501 de Rose

Today, I installed the WSPR program. The program works, but the CAT control is still minted with some problems.This is why, the program can´t communicate with the transceiver constantly automatically. I will solve this problem to morrow supported by DL1ZAV sysop of DL0NOT.
vy 73 de Jakob DO3HPR

K4TJM, some of your WSPR spots mistakenly show me transmitting on 1.8, 3.5, 21 and 28 MHz, like today 2/7 at 0824, 0926, 0946, 1046, 1146, and 2250. My station is set up to transmit only on 7 and 14 MHz for now where other stations have spotted me correctly. Please check your setup as you are uploading erroneous spot reports. Thanks! Carol KP4MD/W6

An open Facebook group devoted to amateur radio operators who utilize the WSPR mode and anyone interested in very low powered, narrowband radio transmission. If you have a Facebook account check it out.

I think the good thing about the wspr project is that it highlights the importance of energy per bit, especially over an ionospheric path. Keep shouting, no matter how weak your voice, and you will be heard eventually, so long as you keep going long enough. Metaphor for life?

WSPA (whisper)

I have been working Whisper the last couple of evenings on 30 meters but with the high winds tonight and the same forecast tomorrow I Have lowered my mast right down, My long wire is mostly laid on the grass in the field behind my QTH, What I find amazing is that I can still get propagation contacts into the USA and Europe on 5w

The long wire is plastic coated but even so it is laid on the ground, WOW.
Just thought I would share this with you all

Mick 2e1glt

My antenna tuner arrived and I hooked it up to my 40/20m shortened dipole.
With my homebrew transceiver I now started getting reception reports on 30m.
So far about 7 stations, as far away as 2000kms.
It's always exciting when a piece of homebrew equipment actually works!

My experience of using wspr to control ft897 through usb port using Prolific usb->9 pin rs232 (XP and wspr 2.21 v 2286):

Doesn't work unless you force the pc to assign com1 (perhaps up to com3 but not com4 and above)

ctrl panel->system->hardware->device manager->ports->port settings->advanced and set the com port to com1.

Not a fluke 'cos same on two pc's

Tonight at 2054Z there was suddenly 35 Hz spread on one incoming
WSPR-signal. It returned at 2104Z starting with 30 Hz spread and
declining to 20 Hz at the end of the 2 minute period. Immediately
I checked the magnetogram at SGO Sodankyla (Northern Finland):

and the spectrum widening correlated with the 60 nanoTesla spike in
the Y-component of the Earth Magnetic Field starting just before 21Z.

Hello to all
I am using WSPR 2.0 under Win XP SP3 OS and browser in use is a Firefox.
Im not able to find me in map. Upload spots is ON.
The problem is new. What does is mean this situation?
Thanks for advice to all.
73! Ladislav OK1UNL

The N3ZI DDS kit was built some time ago, and I used it for alignment of the WSPR Transceiver. I couldn't get the notch filter adjusted for the correct peak and null. With Christmas and a vacation down south, I set it aside for a while.

Sat, 2011/01/29 - 18:21


I am testing a homemade QRPp transceiver
in EA4RCT club station

I will be transmitting next days at 3584.1 kHz
with WSPR v211 200mVpp@50ohm 100uW -10dBm

The WSPR is configured in IQ mode and with a "0dBm" power.

I will be happy to receive QSL at
ea3ghs at gmail dot com

eduardo ea3ghs/4

Everyone here knows that WSPR is open source software. The full source code is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and is available to anyone, under the conditions of that license, at

A number of people have contributed to the development of WSPR. We communicate with each other by means of an email reflector hosted at the above URL.

At least a 3 months break with WSPR at the OH1ZAA-location. In the meantime
we have been following it from the side at OH3MHA (mainly active on 7 MHz).

Couple of days ago decided to change setup which was working for a year already - ZetaSDR+Rocky+WSPR 1.0. Changed to WSPR ver 2.11. The start was not straightforward, finding the frequency offset took several hours and the result is more experimental than calculated. Then tested phase corrections. If somebody intend to use such setup my freq shift with clock oscillator at 14.31818 Mhz is 12980, RX I/Q not inverted and all phase corrections off (I found this option best already but will make more tests).