The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

I was just heard by K8TLC on 30m. Nice to know that even though the band appears "dead", and I'm only putting out 3.5 watts (or so), my station can be heard 2/3rds of the way across the country! Outstanding program, outstanding results!

Since some weeks I use the RaspberryPi to transmit WSPR beacons with 10dBm (10 milliWatt).

Works very nice! How to do it? Check the article on my website..

Greetings! I just finished compiling WSPR for CentOS 6, and have successfully linked my SignaLink USB to my Yaesu FT-857D. I am feeding a shortened G5RV through a MJF Versa Tuner II, and am using 5 watts output from DM14, Victorville, California, USA. I am anxious to see if anyone can hear me. I will play around with bands and configurations to see what works best. See you on the map!
- Mike KA9CQL DM14

Added a new video to the series

This time I go through the results of my 30 meters WSPR test of the ATX Walkabout antenna.
Equipment used
- Yaesu FT-817ND
- Wolphi-Link Audio interface
- WSPR Beacon App for Android
- ATX Walkaboutsetup for 30 meters with counterpoise.

When K4EH in EM73 spots me, the map shows him in the middle of northern Greenland, not in EM73. Anyone else seeing this? 73

Im currently using my Softrock Ensemble to test my homebrew active aerials on RX.
all my current spots are generated by a wire loop 1.5 meters Diameter. And it's mounted just 2 Meters above ground.

At present its vertical, and optimised for N-S paths. Hoping to hear some VK or ZL stations shortpath across the North Pole.

73 Paul

Hello everybody... Just got the software working with my 817 but the laptop has a line-in audio problem so no waterfall or rx decode. Rig control and output audio seems okay. Currently testing on 14.0956 dial freq with home-brew bell-wire antenna in loft, rig on 5w and WSPR TX power setting on 0db... Will be testing on various freqs over the next few days.

The new version 2.0.3 is now published at : -

The changes and enhancements in release v2.0.3 are :-

Fix for crashing menu in Lollipop latest version 5.0.2. This fix may not work with earlier Lollipop releases.

Improved user interface with fixes for out-of-memory and disappearing menu.
Plot of aurora.
Space weather display.

Amazing really, one of the guy ropes on my 160m dipole snapped in the high winds yesterday leaving "the earthy end" on the ground. So at the moment I seem to have a horizontal 1/4 wave antenna NE/SW fed at the SW end, the other end being on the deck. Even so managed to receive a spot on 160m this morning from KD6RF, David in Texas. Not quite sure if I should fix it, leave it or try a different antenna!......73 John

Hello everyone.
I completed the 17 meter of this ongoing test and published it on YouTube.
The most difficult part of this test was teh lack of spotters on 17 meters band. So I send many thanks to those operators who tough it out and listen for beacons there.
Naturally there were no so many spots for this test, but that does not mean the test wasn't successful! SNR versus power levels would suggest something was working with the little compromise antenna.
Next test will be 30 meters, then I will follow that up with a 40 meters test.
73 and good dx

2015-01-11 09:08 ZL4OL 3.594036 -21 0 RE54gg 5 KD6RF EM22 12838 69
2015-01-11 08:48 ZL4OL 3.594035 -21 0 RE54gg 5 KD6RF EM22 12838 69
2015-01-11 08:38 ZL4OL 3.594035 -22 0 RE54gg 5 KD6RF EM22 12838 69
2015-01-11 08:26 ZL4OL 3.594035 -20 0 RE54gg 5 KD6RF EM22 12838 69
2015-01-11 08:26 ZL4OL 3.594022 -23 0 RE54gg 5 F5OIH JN06ci 19266 279
2015-01-11 08:16 ZL4OL 3.594035 -23 0 RE54gg 5 KD6RF EM22 12838 69

K3 at 30 dBm to a multiband dipole (ZS6BKW)

Finally found out how to the the IC-7200 to work with WSPR and it's going great. Looking forward to antenna and propagation testing, especially portable.

Just getting started on WSPR!