The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

I have spent a few weeks operating at the 10mW output level. This was done by operating my rig at 1 watt output through a 20dB coaxial antennuator. It became apparent that only a select few stations could hear me beyond 6000km. The Prime operating frequency was surprise there! Some heard me on 7MHz and 14MHz however. I have listed the "TOP 12" stations below:-

In the USA...W3CSW @ 18574km.....AK4AT @ 18344km.....K4COD @ 17969km.....K9AN @ 17634km.....KD6RF @ 16975km.....W6OPQ @ 14704km

From Europe.....The only one ! IZ4LXP @ 13790km

I am back to testing my home brew RF Preamps and small loop aerials.
My main area of interest are the LF bands.
All current spots are being produced by a 2 Foot active loop working with a Genesis G11 HF rig.

At this time I'm not currently transmitting due to storm damage to aerial systems.

73 Paul

hi everybody sending spot reports today 2/1/2016 keeps dropping out is this normal?

Most activity observed was westbound from EU -> USA,
not eastbound...quite the event!

New Years Eve saw an unusual one hour long opening to/from Europe
on 630m WSPR-2. Commencing at 0100Z and ending at 0200Z, WG2XKA
in Vermont, USA spotted DH5RAE, DK7FC, DJ0ABR, and PA0A. In Europe,
WG2XKA was heard by G3XKR and DJ0ABR. Most of the activity was from
Europe eastbound to the US, and appeared to be concentrated in the
northeast US. A strong solar event was in progress at the time. There
is still plenty to understand regarding propogation on 630m!

All time record activity(NA/EU) is 760 dx spots (Nov29/2013).
This first night of 2016 is close with 725 dx spots "across the pond" in the data base, 42 stations in the round.
12 NA stations heard in EU: AF7M, K9AN, K9PAW, K9YWO, KE7A, N0LUF, N2NOM, N0LWF, N2NOM, W3PM,W9MDO, WA3DSP, WB5WPA, WY1R
9 EU stations heard in NA: DF2IC, DF2JP, DF6MK, DK3SML, F6CNI, G0LUJ, G3UPA, ON7KO, PA0O
Best Rx stn: F59706(12NA), PA3FYM(10NA), KK1D(9EU), WY1R(6EU), F6ECI(6NA), G8LCO(6NA), F1AFJ(5NA).

last night of year 2015 but a good night! : 410 dx spots "across the pond" in the data base, 31 stations in the round.
5 NA stations heard in EU: K2OX, K4RCG/4, N8YE, WA3DSP, WY1R
14 EU stations heard in NA: DF2IC, DF2JP, DL2JA, F5WK, F6CNI, G0LUJ, G3RIK, G4BOO, IK4GBU, IK4JQR, ON7KO, PA1RZ, RX3DHR, SM6WZI
Best Rx stn: K2OX(12EU), KK1D(9EU), K4RCG/4(8EU), WY1R(6EU), N8YE(5EU), PA0O(5NA), F59706(5NA), PA3FYM(4NA), G8LCO(3NA)
Happy New Year all, see you in 2016, GL for dx, 73,

Very good condx on USA

Hot conditions last night on 160m: 539 dx spots "across the pond" in the data base, 25 stations in the round.
3 NA stations heard in EU: K9AN, WA3DSP, KY1R
8 EU stations heard in NA: DF2JP, G0LUJ, G3RIK, M0KWR, M6VPW, ON7KO, PA1RZ, SM6WZI
Best Rx stn: KK1D (8 EU), WY1R(6 EU), F59706 (3 NA), G8LCO (2 NA), M0KWR (2 NA), PA3FYM (2 NA).

GL all, 73, Patrick

hi every member I am new to wsprnet and wold like to say you will find me on 15/40

I admit all to often I will jump in to a new mode without reading the how to guide.

I thought I did that with WSPR but was stuck on hearing but not heard. The problem was that I was not centered on the 0 of the waterfall, once I doubled click on that spot I was being heard.

I followed the setup for SignaLink however I was not receiving or transmitting. The setup for Win 10 as follows:

WSPR Setup: Audio In: MME Microphone USB Codec, Audio Out: MME Speaker USB Codec.

Built and start TX on 5 bands
The average result after 2 days 30m >> 500-1500 km ( max 2600 км) 20m >>> 1000-2000km 15m>>>2000-2500 км 10m >> 2000-2500 km
There is no point in larger than 1 Watt the power in this mode otherwise explore the pleasures, except probably 80-160m

I will have to disassemble my station early 2016, since we are moving abroad. VK2GOM will go QRT, and will eventually become an 'available' callsign again when I don't renew my license in May.

I will attempt to re-activate my 30m WSPR beacon from the UK with my UK call, G0MOH.

73 - Rob VK2GOM

Hi. Sold the house and moved to smaller appartement. Now I have only a 30 feet grounplane vertical with some radials and a JC-3 remote coupler at the base of the antenna. I can work from 80 to 6 meters with this combination. Exciter is a Kenwood TS-590SG and 5 watts.

I see this now, Chaos Tools AJAX Demo down the side of the main page ;-)

73 de Andy