The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

Hello from Peter VK6PK

I was first licenced in Feb 1967 as G3WCJ and still hold the call today (ex Gosport now Birmingham)

In 1979,VK6PK was obtained, and in 1981 lived and worked in Kalgoorlie.

I was very active on ARQ (VKPK) up to the passing of my father (G4UDS) when I retreated to more conventional modes of communication.

After a year or two in the Perth suburbs, I moved with my wife to Wooroloo, which is situated 65 Km east of the city of Perth and nestled in the Perth Hills.

New record activity with 465 UNIQUE dx spots "across the pond" (previous 435 dxspots Jan07).
New record of stations heard/hearing "across" : 93 (36 NA/ 57EU)
27 NA stations heard in EU, 21 EU stations heard in NA.

Best EU Rx stations: GM4OAS(27NA), F59706(21NA), G8DYK(21NA), PA3FYM(20NA)
Best NA Rx Stations: W1IR(21EU), K3LR(8EU)
Full Score list is attached (Rx stns/Tx stns)
To note:
best qrpp spot: 06:46 N2NC 1.838031 -26 0 FN20ve 0.2 DL3GAK JN48xe 6428 52

GL all, 73,

New record activity with 435 UNIQUE dx spots "across the pond" (previous 310 dxspots Dec30).
71 stations in the DX round (59EU/22NA)
16 NA stations heard in EU, 25 EU stations heard in NA.

Best EU Rx stations: G3WCE(14NA), G8DYK(14NA), G8LCO(14NA), ON4LUC(14NA), G0IDE(13NA), G4BOO(13NA)
Best NA Rx Stations: W1IR(22EU), K3LR(18EU), KK1D(5EU), N2NC(5EU), N2NOM(5EU), WA9WTK(5EU)
Full Score list is attached.

GL all, 73,

+++ after a request i added the full score list of txing stations+++++

2017-01-04 21:20 ON4LUC 1.838130 -14 0 JO20tm 10 VK6XT OF86td 14332 98
2017-01-04 20:18 ON4LUC 1.838129 -26 0 JO20tm 10 VK6XT OF86td 14332 98

My 24m tuned tower working verry well for dx on top band

Hi: This probably as nothing directly to do with WSPR, but has anyone nothing their PC clock, and hence decodes, change after playing videos? I just watched maybe 10 short videos, and my clock drifted 5+ seconds! That's within a few hours..
bewildered.. KB2MEN

QRP Labs new 5W HF PA kit has been released, price $20, see . This is suitable for use with the QRP Labs Ultimate3S WSPR transmitter see and this is described in App Note AN004 see .



2017 News:
The new Worldwide 60 meter band 5351.5 kHz to 5366.5 kHz, goes into effect after 1 January 2017. (not USA)

73 de Frank PH2M

During the night I switched from a random longwire NE-SW, to a 95cm Magloop, or MLA.
It looks a bit sad drooping down around the support pole, so I must fix that.
And it is placed inside the shack at the moment with axis NNW-SSE. From 0030z to 0900z it was tuned to 30m, and from 0901z has been tuned for 40m. I mistakenly left the TXing for 40m off until just now.
At the first estimate signals, and noise, are a bit lower.

TNX for the confirmations to my previous query.

Finally running again here:
Raspberry Pi 2 with Raspbian and QRPi shield by HA7DCD
Wsprrypi by PE1NNZ
20dBm on 20m
After fiddling around trying to run wspr as a service the excellent page from ÖVSV helped me a lot.

Im getting out but not as far as I want. Will see what the day brings

Im getting out but not as far as I want. Will see what the day brings

Is this what shows on the front page?

just bought a Lenovo Ideapad 100, it works ok but had issues finding the right setting for the external microphone connection with the combo jack(4 rings) to have on the same connector HP & Mic.

You must persist to find the right settings if not you have noise of the room injected via the internal Mic of the Lenovo and impossible to set the right levels...

Just to say that at first you can think that the combo jack is not working at all.

Surely computers with standard HP & Mic(external) connections are easier to setup.