The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions. The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

JI1CBW appears on LF WSPR-2 after Oct. 30th 2016.

Many thanks to all those that viewed the receiver design on my blog.
I have now posted a compatible VOX controlled WSPR transmitter.

Best 73 to all.

Has been QRT for several months, just got lazy and overworked.

Finished moving to a new apartment! I have unpacked my HV-5S, FT-817 and SCU-17. I was disappointed after checking my setup last night and this morning. S8 noise on the bands supported by the HV-5S (40mb, 15mb, 6mb). Sheesh. Noise was tolerable in my previous appartment.

Antenna is indoor (attached to a tripod) since now I have no veranda. :-( Apartment is made of wood so indoor made sense to me.

I've got old JRC AC line noise suppressors on the outlets that I use.

Sorry, all my spots from 0210-1136Z reported on 20M were actually 630M spots. Please correct the database. Thank you and 73


My station will be monitoring 10 meters every weekend.

Sorry again for another band error. All spots reported from 28 october, 16:00z were on MF band, not LF.


Riccardo IW4DXW

Hi Guys,
i am starting another QRP Labs WSPR High Altitude Balloon tommorow 08.00 UTC from Germany. It sends my callsign DL6OW.
More Infos on Hans Page:
And here the transmitting shedule:

Minute Frequenz Modus
:00 10.140.450 JT9 call
:00 10.140.440 CW
:01 10.140.450 JT9 telemetry
:02 14.097.100 WSPR call
:04 14.097.100 WSPR telemetry
:06 10.140.180 WSPR call
:08 10.140.180 WSPR telemetry
:10 Calibrate

First Time TX on 30m
Just give it a try.
We got some Spots with just a 10 Meter long Wire.

Hi all

The Dave VE3KCL / QRP Labs WSPR High Altitude Balloon is over US and heading for a circumnavigation, we hope! Now on its 19th day, having traveled a total of over 36,000km (22,000 miles), cruising at an altitude of almost 11,000m (36,000 feet). Current location is DM48DA (Utah, US) and ground speed 62 knots (71 mph, 115 kph). See attached map of the path, and see for live tracking and further information and photos.

73 Hans G0UPL

My apologies too, but all my WSPR reports yesterday 22 October between 1658 and 2004 were on 474.2 KHz and NOT on LF. Sorry for this error.

73, Joe 9H1CG

Sorry but all my reports from 19:12z to 19:54z were in MF band.

73 de IW4DXW

Good afternoon!
Since yesterday evening October 21 and until Monday 'October 24 morning, I'm testing a self-built antenna "Multiloop" band 40 meters.
The antenna is located inside the house in my shack.
look in WSPR database if I listened to you .....
I55387FI from locator JN52HX

regards and see you soon!

Hi All,

I've recently put a KiWI WEB SDR online at my home location in the South West of the UK.

This has a built in WSPR decoder which can be used by anyone who has logged into the WEB SDR.

Just click on the red extensions tab in the grey window on the right hand side of the waterfall display and select WSPR.

This will bring up another window which provides various WSPR decode options.

We appear to be split on 60m. Some of us are on 5.2872 MHz dial, others are on 5.3647 MHz.

I have no axe to grind either way, but working split down the middle doesn't seem to me to be sensible.

just got a report from Japan JA3TVF:

2016-10-13 20:22 DJ0ABR 0.475665 -25 0 JN68nt 0.2 JA3TVF PM74pc 9166 45

never have seen that before, maybe a first contact ?

Many thanks JA3TVF for this report !

Antenna used on my side:
horizontal loop, length abt. 450m with a tuning inductor, height abt. 20m.

Kurt, DJ0ABR