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Just put a 7.5m vertical on the back fence. Couple of counterpoise wires along the fence. Self-resonant about 8.6MHz but tunes well on 40-6m. Will shorten it tomorrow to be self-resonant on 30m, but in the meantime, the LDG Z-11 ATU seems to be doing the job. Eventually a remote switched loading coil to accomodate 80-6m is in the plan.

Much more lively than the experimental 30M (horizontal) flat-top (in the walnut tree to the east and the plum tree to the west) fed with 10.7m 300 ohm ribbon that I have been using for the last year on 30-10m.

August sometime - to be confirmed. 2009 : Pencarrow at the mouth of Wellington Harbour - good fun was had, with a fullwave 160m dipole from the upper lighthouse all the way to sea level (the bottom end was IN the surf at high tide!) but the digital modes didn't get a chance due to interference caused.

Connor James was born (by C-Section) 13:45 local, 18th Jan 2010. 3380g (7lb 7oz) APGAR 8/1, 10/5. All well.
Mum and bubs doing well; Home after five days.
Baby is so quiet and placid - Sleeps all the time.
Third for me - my other two are teenagers now. First for my partner Margaret. She's working towards a ham licence for herself.

I will be primarily operating PSK31 and other digital modes on 30m through the weekend but will WSPR when taking a break from the keyboard or operating voice on other bands. See http://zl2adr.webs.com/

The 17m 3ele co-linear with ribbon feed for multiband operation was a disaster and the RG174 I used rather than RG58 for part of the radiator (because I had it and it's low-profile) stretched (!). So I cut out the coax sections and spliced the wire - Now resonant on about 11.5 MHz with 10.4m 300 ohm ribbon, then coax to shack. Covers 80-6m with tuner, 10 and 60 without. Seems to be quite alive with signals. losses appear fairly low on all but 12 and 80m. Will try day-about bands for a while, then re-trim to resonance at 10.14 and try again.

Antennas down - Landlady pruned the tree holding the 30m dipole up. Was working for a while on a sloper with ground-scattered counterpoise, but saw sense and dismantled it and put up a 3 element horizontal colinear for 17m. Which unfortunately doesn't work. As the feedline was routed through the shack door while in residence, I'm QRT until I hook something up to the old feedline for the 30m dipole.

Only 300m from prior QTH.
Basic dipole cut for 40m up at about 20 ft AGL. Seems to load up on all HF bands. Dunno about efficiency, but can at least match it with the auto ATU. Sadly, it's in the trees. (contacting branches at both ends), so again, efficiency will suffer. Will eventually get up either my multiband trapped dipole, or a whole bunch of single band wire antennas. Plenty of trees and about an acre of land to play with.

The original owner obviously planted trees without regard to appropriate spacing for HF antenna installations. Never mind; at least I'm up and running.

After initial successful experiments, my station seemed to go dead. Receiving but not transmitting.
Was transmitting at tiny power - seemed to be a milliwatt or so.
Finally tracked down the issue. I had changed from my 'experimental' data cable to my 'production' cable. The experimental cable was using the 1200bps pin and the production cable was using the 9600bps pin. Changed the rig (FT857 and FT897) to DIG mode rather than USB and all FB now. QRV again.

de Glenn, ZL2TLD

FT857 or FT897 on 30m into 40m Windom via ATU until I put up a dipole for 30m. Antenna is resonant on 40/20/10 if anyone wants a sked. email address on QRZ.com