5X7JD is online

Vienna, April 2nd, 2010

Six months after bringing V53ARC online, the second WSPR beacon in Africa got into service. 5X7JD went online today. The beacon is hosted by Jack, 5X7JD who is located in Masaka, Uganda.
Jack Dunigan, a US citizen, is permanently located in Uganda working for AIDCHILD, an organization with homes, clinics, and academies for orphans who are abandoned and living with AIDS. Visit www.aidchild.org, donations are very welcome.

Same as the Namibia system, the beacon was developed and funded by Gernot Frauscher, OE1IFM. Visit www.oe1ifm.at to find out more about the beacon project. The system has 1W output and cycles through 80,40,30,20,17,15,12 and 10m, so one can hear the WSPR signal returning every 16 minutes. Antenna is an HyGain Av 18VS multi-band vertical. The beacon hardware is an embedded system based on a PIC 18F2455 MCU, an Analog AD9851 DDS chip and a MOSFET PA with selectable filters. Time and location information are derived from an attached GPS receiver. This beacons will be available as a kit soon and we are looking for hosts in interesting locations.

The beacon will be permanently online delivering up to date propagation information from East Africa. You can read more about the on-site station at www.hamradiosafari.com.

Gernot Frauscher, OE1IFM