Hello World - from BeaconTNG

BeaconTNG does it's first transmits! - Check www.oe1ifm.at

Today I got to a point in software development, where I could TX my first WSPR sequences on 14 and 10MHz.
The framework is more or less ready, a lot of cosmetics left, but all building blocks work just fine.
The most impressive facts:
Frequency accuracy : < 0,02Hz
Time accuracy : < 10ms
Time and frequency base : Navsync CW-25TIM
Power consumption in sleep mode : < 10mW
Frequency range : 1MHz - 55MHz
Power Range : 10dBm - 40dBm
Number of filters : 8
Log file memory : 1MB
Processor : PIC 18F87J60
Interfaces : serial terminal, Ethernet (Telnet), 3x16LCD display
I/O ports : 8 opto isolated digital outputs (eg for antenna relays, power or temp management)
2 opto isolated digital inputs (eg external wake up or shut down)
10MHz GPDSO reference out
1pulse per second reference out

The beacon can store 8 sequence profiles consisting of 30 slots each. Each slot represent a 2min TX time.
For each TX slot frequency, power level, filter and I/O port status can be set.
Future S/W versions will support additional protocols (WSPR v2, CW ...)