Special Activities

How about the following idea?

A special activity on a pre chosen band on a pre chosen day.

Split the wspr band in two parts (lower and upper 100Hz)
Use the upper 100 Hz for wspr beacon mode, max 20%tx max 1Watt (wspr software).
Use the lower 100 Hz for wsjt qso mode (mode wspr) max 1Watt. (WSJT7 software).
One could use the two programs at the same time, however if you wish to make a qso you have to switch wspr in rx mode for the time of the qso, (no big deal).
So one could try to call a station seen in the upper 100Hz and make a qso in the lower 100Hz, (and send a qsl?).
And also try to get down to the minimum power level.
Would that be fun?

During the weekends, a warc band could be the band of choice to avoid interference with contesting.

To help hams controlling their exact frequency, stations locked on gps or whatever superior time standard, could tell this once in a while in the chat page, (PA3GYK TX GPSlocked 10.140167@1Watt).

Its just an idea.

73- hendrik - de pa3gyk