One of my babies is home: 5X7JD beacon made it back to OE1

In April 2010 a friend of mine took one of my beacons to 5X7 in his luggage on a business trip. In Masaka he handed it over to Jack, 5X7JD. He run the beacon from April '10 until August when heavy storms broke the power line to his building and the antenna.
Shortly after that Jack had to leave Uganda and the beacon remained there powered off.
Two months ago he had a chance to return for a short visit and took the beacon with him to Florida. From there it arrived by mail last week.
I did some checks on it and found a defective transistor in the first driver stage, replaced it, and now former 5X7JD is on air as OE1IFM again. Transmitting on 80,40,30,20,17,15,12 and 10m with 1W.

I am happy that this piece of hardware is still alive. It's the same hardware as the V53ARC beacon that is still on air but this particular one was the first of its kind and did a lot of traveling alread. It transmitted as TY1MS during an expedition to Benin, was set up in Rotterdam PE1 and finally as 5X7JD in Uganda. I hope I will find some more hams that will take it with them on a holiday trip.

Other than that I am still working on my BeaconTNG project, but I was tied up with QRL for the last 12 months. I hope the coming winter will bring enough spare time to finalize the BeaconTNG kit...
Gernot, OE1IFM