VK3RMV BEACON to become dedicated WSPR source

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VK3RMV BEACON to become dedicated WSPR source

The old dinosaur VK3RMV on 50.293 nominal has been retired.
The micor 75W tx sent many a signal over the years.

Time to move on.

The release of 50.3 to 52 MHZ to VK hams after analog tv switch off means that all those beacons crowded into the first 300 kHz can move up and out of harms way.
In the case of VK3RMV which has a nominated and licensed frequency of 50.293 the current option is to change to wspr.

I now have a TS680 which is working well at 10 watts
a little emachin laptop with hard drive.
two HO loops.

Sites are optional
AT home, a t a local radio station
or at work qth
If I do that with no internet I need a good time server.

So VK3RMV is testing at the moment and you will see it jump around in frequency and duty cycle to try to find a clear channel
At this stage I am favouring 50.2944nn as if it drifts it drifts slightly up

The 680 works fine, and works best if the PA flap is raised vertical then it doesn't drift at all