ZS6SGM Tutorial on using WSPR to RX

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Hi All,

I have written a WSPR tutorial to assist beginner WSPR operators in being able to get the most out their WSPR stations.

Many operators, including myself, face a bewildering array of features and subtleties which define the WSPR system as a whole. This guide hopes to help beginners overcome some of the difficulties of WSPR and find their feet as operators.

This was originally focused at the ZS (South Africa) region.

This is a work in progress and many people have assisted in proof-reading the information.

Feedback is always appreciated.

Stewart Moss


If you are interested in the mysteries of propagation then WSPR is the tool at your disposal.
To experience this fascinating tool, all you need is an SSB transceiver, simple antenna, a computer,
internet access and an optional sound card interface to connect the transceiver to your computer.
WSPR is short for Weak Signal Propagation Reporter and is pronounced “Whisper”.
It is important to note right away that WSPR is not a QSO mode. It is used to broadcast a position,
call sign and power level and see who hears and decodes it. Reports of these decodes can be sent
and tracked on a central website.
The WSPR software reports the signal to noise ratio of received stations and also other data. When
the spots are uploaded WSPRnet calculates the distance between the stations.............................