KD6RF/K9AN - 10M Aircraft Scatter?

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Interesting contact from transmitter K9AN to receiver KD6RF, 10 Meters, on 2014-09-18 13:06 ---->

2014-09-18 13:06 K9AN 28.126167 -27 -1 EN50wc 2 KD6RF EM22 1050 218

Propagation on CONUS for some time before and after the above time was nil - I saw only US/Europe contacts for hours before and after the above spot time.

In addition, K9AN shows doppler 3 Hz low in frequency, and with a -1 drift. K9AN is, I believe, GPS locked, and KD6RF is rubidium locked, so the frequencies are likely accurate.

So, it looks like some other mechanism was responsible for the path - perhaps aircraft scatter?

However, 3 Hz doppler seems high for aircraft scatter, and the effective delta speed of the reflector looks like it's around 10 or 20 meters/sec, which seems a bit high given other aircraft scatter doppler spots, as is often seen on 2 Meters ---->
It was a common daily occurrence to spot KC6KGE from SoCal up in NorCal via 2M aircraft scatter when I lived in Livermore California, and it looks like the 2M (and 70cM!) fun is still happening there.

The images below aren't all that interesting, but of course you can use the data base to search 10M activity at and near the 2014-09-18 13:06 time period if interested.

(As a side note, look what interesting little gems of propagation can be missed if/when everybody stays on 30 and 20 Meters! Try out some of the less used bands, you might like it!)