New Loop Antenna Test

Tonight is the first time that my new MF active bandpass loop has been used. I will still use the 1m E-field active antenna on other bands as it is very convenient to have a flat 1KHz-30MHz antenna for general listening.

The new loop has a 4' square thin wire loop feeding a two pole bandpass then a very linear 6 transistor amplifier with a gain of two. The sensitivity is equivalent to the E-field antenna at 1V/M. At MF both antennae are band noise limited, the H field is as far from houses as possible, the E-field needs a move but tree and shrub screening is an issue.

I am very fortunate that Mike G3XDV is quite close so I can compare my stealth antennae to his giant top loaded antenna which he has perfected over many years. At present my higher noise level has him winning by a fair margin but it is work in progress.