Loop on MF

First use of the 4'square thin wire loop went well, pulled in Italy and Spain from near London. Not too bad. The basic idea is to use the thin wire loop as an untuned low Z sensor, this then couples to a High Z bandpass pair to exclude MW broadcast signals. A Jfet fronted amplifier provides 6dB gain with low noise and very good linearity to drive 30m of 50ohm coax back to the Shack.

Because of the config the loop can be ( and is) mounted inside the leaf cover of shrubs of trees with no loss of performance, unlike resonated loops the wet or dry shrub will not detune or dampen the loop. Eagle eyes XYL cannot see the loop so all is well with the planning, catering and social department. The loop is supported by the plant so if it grows a bit in size as the season's pass then that is only nature at work........

73's Alan.