KD6RF TEXAS now on 160M - howdy y'all!

Antenna - Inverted L, 80 ft, parallel LC to "resonate" on both 160M/80M, trapped for 40M, metal fence ground, total cable/tuner loss < 1.5 dB over full 3 bands.

About 45 ft is vertical, the remaining 35 ft horizontal, suspended between 2 trees.

The base parallel LC achieves simultaneous resonance on both 160M and 80M. Note that there is nothing magic about "resonance" - it's only purpose is to reduce the in-band SWR in order to reduce the feedline loss to below 1 dB over the entire 160M and 80M bands.

In addition, there is a trap at 38 ft for 40M which prevents undesirable high angle lobing as well as providing a fair match, also in order to reduce feedline loss.

All matched to 50 ohms in the shack with homebrew T-match, with feedline length chosen to allow for a low loss match over the entirety of each of the 160M, 80M and 40M bands.

Fence ground is not yet fully bonded and tied together, and feedpoint R is about 12 ohms high, giving me about a 3 dB hit in efficiency on 160M. :(

Was happy to reach out and touch VK2KRR on first night of operation with 5 watts. Thanks for the spot Leigh!

See y'all down the log...