2 Meter WSPR Scorching the Airwaves in Texas!

2 Meter WSPR activity has been happening daily for years in the California area (and elsewhere!) and I was happy to be a part of that effort when I lived there in the Bay Area. You can read of their exploits, as well as other VHF and UHF WSPR activity here ----> https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/2-meter-wspr

Now Jim, WB5WPA, has brought up his 2 Meter WSPR station in the Allen (Dallas) Texas area, and is now making the link to my Eastern Texas home station outside of Gilmer - a 150 kM distance. Jim has also been kind enough to post several screen captures in the above mentioned forum.

2 Meter WSPR is interesting and shows various propagation phenomena from Tropo-Enhancement to AirCraft Scatter, and all sorts of others of which I am not personally familiar!

Back in California, the 300+ kM link from KC6KGE to the Bay Area, and other central and northern California stations, was/is very high reliability, and was/is exclusively AirCraft Scatter. And here, we are already seeing what I believe to be direct diffraction/scatter as well as lotsa ACS in the path between Jim's QTH and mine.

Join us if you can in the North and East Texas area on 2 meter WSPR!