Multiple Station Position Offset.

There are now several WSPR users who run multiple stations with perhaps different receive antennae. The WSPR map shows all of the signals for all of the stations but the callsigns are all piled onto the same location so it is not possible to see all of the worked stations, only the top named one.

I would like to suggest that if the locators are offset by the smallest steps then it is easy for everyone to see what is happening. There are very few instances of stations having exactly the same locator, if they do then the same minimal offset allows other users to clearly see what is happening and to see the calls worked for the individual stations.

For example if three stations are located at AA33hc then we get confusion, if there are three entries for adjacent locators e.g. AA33hb AA33hc & AA33hd then we have three callsigns very close together but easily seen to be different stations.

Although there would be a very small difference in distances worked that would be a trivial point against the clarity for all users and the advantage of clearly showing the differences between different equipment. A one step +/- offset N/S &/or E/W would allow nine additional calls around an original locator, that should be enough for now!