Display That Map....

On my systems, I got rid of that annoying "Development Purposes Only" message on the Maps produced on this website.

So, I use an Ad Blocker with Firefox. Yes, it's called AdBlock Plus. I don't use the latest "upgraded" FireFox, as it appears that the Crack FireFox Team destroyed all of FireFox's AddOn capability (which is what AdBlock Plus apparently is...). I don't know if there is a new version of AddBlock Plus that works with the new FireFox clunkware.

Anyway, I was poking around in "Blockable Items" as I often do to speed up page loading or to get rid of the snoops, and found that blocking this item ---->

http : // maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js/QuotaService.RecordEvent?1shttp%3A%2F%2Fwsprnet.org%2Fdrupal%2Fwsprnet%2Fmap&3sAIzaSyAfw5EPTJinecSLVCY_gSUwom2_J1d2y0E&7snt9662&10e1&callback=_xdc_._6ayehj&key=AIzaSyAfw5EPTJinecSLVCY_gSUwom2_J1d2y0E&token=14048

...got rid of the "development purposes only" map overlay thingy, and displays the good ol' map we know and love.

Have fun, and see you on the map!

- dB