New RX

Like many other WSPR'ers I have gone SDR. Recent 3 band spots have been from a KiwiSDR , a nice tool.
But from now on (5th November 2018) the RX is a Red Pitaya board running Pavel Demin's exceptional software on eight bands LF and up, I will continue using my 50cm. E field antenna which works very well and is almost invisible. Pavel has been very kind in assisting me over a silly set up error that came from You Tube!

The reasons for the swap are simple, The RedPit is a complete package taking about 10W to do 8 WSPR bands at once, RF in and LAN out so no PC running 24/365!

That releases the KiwiSDR which makes a great general use four band ( can do 8 in some ways) receiver. It syncs to GPS ( built in) so all FX's are accurate and it has the most enormous range of internal decoding modes as well as all of the normal AM/CW/USB/LSB/NBFM it does WSPR,Navtex and a splendid selection of data decoding modes as well as loran and an IQ mode that allows you to observe carrier phase and see plots of multi phased modes.Did I mention TDOA direction finding too? All for 10W of power and LAN connection as well. My Kiwi is not available on line -but there are very many others that are- all over the World. That's a very useful ability- being able to drive someone else's RX in their shack.

As ever all spots come from a pretty small suburban garden in a busy inland town with lots of QRM generators around and a big MW broadcaster -just like most other Hams.